Other than printing high-quality garments, we love custom print jobs. We offer brand direction, design and illustration for those who need some creative hands.


T-Shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts

Our main service is printing T-shirts. Printing shirts is a hands on manual process that requires attention and pre-production time to begin printing a shirt. This is why our minimum for a printing job is twelve T-shirts for up to three colors in your design. Our turn around time is 7-10 days, unless your job is extra large in quantity. We also print on select shorts, pants and other strange shaped garments.



1- 3 colors    —     12 shirt minimum

4 color    —     24 shirt minimum

5 color    —     36 shirt minimum

6 color    —     36 shirt minimum

7 color    —     72 shirt minimum

8 color    —     72 shirt minimum



Everything at Grizzly is good old "hand pulled" screen printing. Screen printed posters have a thick texture unlike a digital print and because of the hand pulling process, no poster comes out exactly the same.  There is nothing better than the authentic feel of ink on paper. If you're looking to get some posters done, just hit us up by email.


How many can I print?

1-3 colors    —     50 minimum

We don't exceed printing 3 colors on posters only because we want to keep our arms. Anything more than this, unfortunately, would exceed our work load for printing on paper. 


Design,  Illustration and more.

If you need help getting ideas out of your head or you're a street artist with a sick doodle,  we can help you.  We have the talent and digital goods to make graphics show up on your shirt. If you're a little more serious about brand presence or adding printed size labels on your garments, we can assist you or guide you in the right direction. 


What else can you do?

We are self-taught, but very experienced in coming up with solutions to print on something. If it's flat and the material is the right size and the right texture, we may be able to print on it. Just let us here your project and we'll get back to you.


Live Printing and Workshops

We love printing live. It requires us to pack up our Grizzly van with our mobile equipment and be part of the action.  It's an interactive way to see the T-shirt printing process right before your eyes. If you would like us to print something live for you, just holler.